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Ready for BioData Management

We carry out data management planning and data management activities of research projects or project applications, in a package that can include any of the following components, as required:

  • Data Management Plan draft/consulting
  • Data storage (with access to Data Management Portal)
  • Data curation/annotation
  • Data Management Plan execution (e.g. data publication after project is complete)
  • Training


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An online platform for data management and publication.

You can access the portal here and register for free.


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Capacity building programme to empower researchers in Data Management, which includes a range of training offers:


  • Introduction to Data Management in Science
  • Demystifying Data Management Plans


  • Introduction to Data Management Plans


  • Advanced Data Management Plans
  • Day-to-day Data Management

You can consult the Ready for BioData Management website for more information.


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